7 Tips for preparing good meals in Kitchen

A good cook is an organized cook! Here are seven tips for preparing good meals effectively in an optimized environment.

1: Practical practice

Sort out what can be as much as herbs and condiments. If you have shelves, use the alphabetical order, very simple, but dreadfully effective. You can also sort. Having 12 pots while you’re still using both is a waste of space.

2: Optimal counter

The counter on which you are going to cook must be cleared. If there are items such as a purse, keys, or anything else that does not relate to the kitchen, remove them. It takes up space, and it’s not good at all when it comes to hygiene.

The ideal is to group things of the same family. For example, condiments can be grouped on a tablet or in a carousel, very convenient to save space. If you can, set up a place where you can put away all things that are not on the counter, such as cell phones, keys, wallets, etc. You can also check out kitchen organizers at Living.ca

3: The right tools

A good cook, like any good work in general, has good tools. We do not ask you to have professional cookware, but let’s say that if your knives do not cut or your nonstick skillet has lost that function, it’s less easy to work.

Buy what you need are quality products. Often, we want to save a few dollars by taking the first prize, but a few weeks later the low-end object must be replaced!

4: The pans

You’ve noticed that pots and pans take up a lot of space in our cupboards. One way around this problem is to use pans with removable tails. If you do not have much storage, this is a purchase that can be very interesting to do.

5: Prepare your ingredients

When you’re cooking, you should not have to look for the ingredients you need for your recipe. The ideal is to read the instructions and go out on your work plan with all the ingredients and utensils you will use. You will save valuable time, especially if you have to manage several simultaneous cooking.

If the recipe requires a lot of ingredients, prepare them, but do not let your counter be invaded either. Leave the ingredients at the end of the recipe in a corner (cool if necessary).

6: Store as you go

Learn how to pack things you no longer need as you go. It frees up space for work, and it is also more hygienic.

7: Clean work plan

Your work plan should never be dirty or cluttered. After slicing your herbs, take the time to clean it. Again, it’s a question of hygiene, and it’s a good habit to have that is much easier than you think!

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