10 Best Power Bank Under 1000 Rs. in India

A piece of handy equipment for everyone to own is a power bank. While you might carry around your mobile phone charger, you won’t always find a power outlet in all places. So if you’re planning on a long video meeting or going on a trip, a power bank is a useful gadget to carry. It is lightweight, portable, and can make your battery last up to 3 times longer! Now you can choose from a range of trendy and compact designs with better performance than before. And now, some of the best power banks under 1000 have all the features one may need!

The competitive market scene means that there is a horde of products out there with a variety of specifications, designs and power ranges. Everyone wants to own the best products out there, but not all power banks can be compatible with your mobile phone model. Some have more than one charging pins, whereas some do not have any LED indicator. 

If you’re looking for the best power bank under 1000, don’t forget to check out and compare their specifications. We’ve compiled an easy guide for you to understand the technical terms used by companies:

  • Capacity - The first thing to check is the capacity or longevity of the power bank. This is the main feature and the entire purpose of buying a power bank. The capacity of a power bank is measured in milliampere-hours or mAh. If you’re looking for 2 to 2.5 charge cycles. Hence, a higher capacity power bank will last a long time. But, a higher capacity also means greater heat loss and resistance. If you’re buying a 6000 mAh power bank, it will not be the same as 2 power banks of 3000 mAh capacity, but much lower due to the energy loss. 
  • Charge Loss - Left alone with no use, the charge of a power bank can quickly drain in less than a month. So if you’re someone who gets called to meetings or travels frequently and has little to no time for charging and preparing beforehand, invest in a model with higher stand by charge holding capacity.
  • Charging Speed - A good thumb rule to follow is that a 2500 mAh power bank takes around 7 hours to achieve a full charge. Most power banks require at least 6 hours to get a full charge irrespective of what manufacturers claim. Hence, factor this in while considering which model to buy. Some higher-end models might have a fast charge mode.
  • Display - Not all power banks have an LED display or indicator, but this can be a major gamechanger. It is important to buy a power bank that uses some form of indication for battery life left, low charge and so on.
  • Compatibility with Phone Battery - Remember to buy a power bank that has a capacity rating of at least twice the battery rating of your phone. For example, if your smartphone has a battery fo 1,700 mAh, then your power bank should be at least a 3,500 mAh. 
  • Size and Design - One of the major reasons power bank are in use is due to their size and portability. They are available in various sizes from small enough to fit in the palm of your hand to 12 or 18”. Look for one that best suits your needs and style.
  • The number of slots - You might want to save time and charge multiple devices at once. If so, then choose a power bank that has multiple charging points for smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Charing Input - Most power banks can be charged from regular 5A power slots available in homes. Some can even be charged from lower-rated power outlets of 2A. The more the number of outlets it is compatible with, the lesser will be the chance of the device failure due to incorrect usage.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with all the points to look out for, let us take a look at the top 10 power bank under 1000. We’ve listed down the pros and cons of each product so that you can compare and choose the one that suits you best!

1. ​​​​Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 2i

best power bank under 1000

This is undoubtedly the best power bank in India under 1000. Xiaomi is a China-based electronics manufacturer with its headquarters in Beijing. MI has released a range of smartphones, tablets and power banks that have gained an intense fan following all over the world.

This model comes with a 10000 mAh capacity Lithium polymer battery that can charge an iPhone 8 up to 3.5 times and MI phones from 1.4 to 2.5 times. Using 18W Fast Charging technology, the power bank can achieve full charge within 4.5 hours and can be charged from 5A, 2A or 1.5 A power outlets. 

The two-way charging means you can charge both your power bank and devices at the same time. There are 3 ports so that you can charge up to 3 devices at any given time. Of these, 2 are USB ports and 1 is a mobile charging port. The aluminium casing body is made with 9 layers of protection against short-circuiting and shock damage. 

It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers and even fitness bands and headsets. Lightweight and available in three bright colours - white, black and red, this model comes with a warranty period of 6 months. It is also available in 20,000 mAh option.


  • Intelligent charging mode that adjusts power according to device
  • Can be charged from 3 different power outlet ratings
  • Two-way quick charging available
  • Can charge devices in 4.5 hours only
  • 9 layer chipset protection included


  • Type C charging outlet, not present
  • No torchlight
  • Only 6 months warranty

2. ​​​​​KACOOL 10000mAh Power Bank

best power bank under 1000 Rs

Based in New Delhi, KACOOL is an Indian brand that manufactures electronic support hardware equipment. If you’re looking for the best power bank in the market within a decent price and Indian origin, then this is the product for you.

Made from premium refractory ABS plastic, this power bank comes in a sturdy, textured body that weighs only 200 grams. The 10000 mAh battery can charge an iPhone X 2.5 times and a Samsung Galaxy S8 twice. There are a total of 2 2.4A USB ports present with 1 micro USB and a Type C charging point. 

The device body is scratch proof and blue LED lights indicate the remaining battery level. There is also a torchlight present. The model is available in black and white colours and comes with a 1-year warranty and 24 months promised customer service.


  • Sturdy build and made for outdoor use by campers and hikers
  • Super lightweight, only 200 grams weight
  • 4 different charging ports present
  • Torchlight present


  • Two way charging not possible
  • Long charging time of 10 hours

3. ​​​​​Redmi 10000 mAh Power Bank

best power bank under 1000 in india

Another great product by Xiaomi has made its way into the list of best power banks under 1000. The product is available in both 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh capacity. The former can charge any 3000 mAh phone battery for 2+ times and a 4000 mAh phone battery for 1.75 times.

The body of the device has an anti-slippage texture for easy gripping. There are a total of 4 outlets - 2 USB ports, 1 micro USB port and a Type C port. The fast charging option can fully charge the device within 7.5 hours. At any time, two devices can be charged from the device.

Weighing only 246.5 grams, this model comes with a 12 layer chipset protection that prevents it from overheating, shock damage and short-circuiting. The device can intelligently adjust the power output within 10 W to provide the fastest and most efficient charging.

LED indicators help identify the current charging status. The model is available in black and white colours and comes with 6 months of warranty time.


  • Supports intelligent and two-way fast charging feature
  • 4 different charging ports present
  • Short device charging time of 7.5 hours
  • 12 layer chipset protection


  • Torchlight not present
  • The plastic build may look cheap
  • Fast charge only available for 10 W cable

4. Pebble Pico Pocket Sized 10,000 mAh Power Bank

best power bank under 1k

This palm-sized and lightweight, compact design power bank has a power capacity of 10,000 mAh that makes it an ideal travel partner. Pebble Pico comes with dual USB usage and is compatible with all Android phones, iPhones, iPods and cameras.

It has 2 USB ports with 2,1A and 1A power rating. It can charge an iPhone 7 for up to 3.5 times and a One Plus 3T for 2.2 times. The device can achieve full charge within a time of 4 hours, which is the shortest time taken by any of the best power banks under 1000. 

An LED indicator on top announces the current charging status A 10-layer chipset protection is incorporated to protect the internal circuit from overheating or damaging. The device body is designed with inclined grooves for easy gripping. 

The build is extremely sleek and handy, however, there is no input option for Type C devices. Available in white and black, the device comes with a one year warranty time.


  • Compact design and palm-sized
  • Superfast charging within only 4 hours
  • 10-layer chipset protection
  • Dual USB charging option available
  • Study build with anti-slippage grooves


  • Torchlight not present
  • Type C input not available
best power bank under 1000  in india

iBall is a consumer electronics company based in Mumbai. In 2019 iBall released its 20,000 mAH power bank with a Lithium polymer battery guaranteed to provide up to 500 battery life cycles. At any time, two devices can be charged from the device. This is the best 20000mAh power bank in India within the 1000 price tag.

This model comes in a sturdy carbon fibre treated case that has a unique texture for easy holding. There are 2 2.4A rated USB ports, 1 micro USB port and 1 Type C charging port. This is a heavier model than others, weighing around 417 g.

It is compatible with all smartphones including iPhones. The device requires around 10 hours to achieve a full charge. There is an LED indicator to indicate the current charging status of the device. Available in all black, this device comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Compatible with all smartphones, tablets and iPhones
  • Unique design case
  • Two-way quick charging available
  • 4 different charging points available


  • No torchlight
  • Takes a long time to get fully charged
  • Placement of LED lights could be better
best power bank under 1000 rupees

The Ambrane Power bank comes from Ambrane Pvt. Ltd. with its manufacturing headquarters in India. This black and gold polycarbonate model has an extremely stylish design and is compatible with all smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, Wifi routers, tablets and more.

The lithium-ion battery comes with a 13,000 mAh rating and is the same one as used in the Samsung Galaxy series. This model has LED indicator lights and also a torchlight. There are a total of 2 USB ports of 2.1 A and 1 A rating. The intelligent charging system adjusts the power according to the device connected. At any time, two devices can be charged from the device.

Weighing 308 grams, this model can charge regular Andriod phones for at least 3 times, an iPhone 6 for 5 times and an iPad Mini for up to 2 times. The model uses 9 different layers of chipset protection that include overheating prevention and short circuit protection.

The power bank can achieve full charge in 10 hours and has a two feature to simultaneously charge the power bank and device connected. This model comes with a warranty period of 1 year.


  • Two-way quick charging available
  • Torchlight present
  • 9 layer protection for chipset
  • LED indicators on top


  • Takes a long time for the device to get fully charged
  • Only 2 ports present
  • Type C cable not available
best power bank 10000 mah

Philips is a trusted brand in the field of electronic devices. The Philips DLP6006B power bank comes with a highly efficient 11,000 mAh rated battery that can simultaneously charge three devices. This is one of the best power banks of over 10000 mAh rating, provided by a trusted brand.

The model has strong discharge prevention hence it retains the charge for a long time. There are a total of 3 USB ports available with 2 being 1A rated and one being 2.1A rated for fast charging. Weighing 281 grams, it is extremely lightweight though the size is not pocket-friendly.

The device has an LED indicator as well as a torchlight. The body has a sturdy plastic build that is covered in a faux leather encasing. The intelligent charging system can adjust itself to the charging needs of the device it is connected to.

Once fully powered, it can charge a regular Android phone for up to 3 times. Available in an all-black colour, the model comes with a one year warranty period from the manufacturer.


  • Can charge up to 3 devices at the same time
  • Torchlight present
  • Fast and intelligent charging option available
  • Power discharge rate is low, hence retains the charge for a long time


  • Battery back up could be improved
  • Type C cable not available
best power bank under 10000 mah in india

With a stylish and compact design, Rock ITP106 powered by a 13,000 mAH lithium-ion battery is second on our list of top 10 power banks under 1000. The model is protected against overcharging, quick discharge and common short-circuiting issues. At any time, two devices can be charged from the device.

This device comes with 2 USB ports and 2 micro USB ports for smartphones. One of these is a Type C port, hence this device has maximum compatibility. It is also compatible with Apple devices. The model can gain up to 75% charge in 7.5 hours, which is slightly more than other models on the list. 

The model also has special temperature protection and electromagnetic protection that prevents the circuit from long term damage from nearby smartphones. It can charge an iPhone 8 6.5 times, an iPhone 10 for 3.5 times and a Galaxy S8 for 3 times. 

This is a great option for travellers looking for a model with long-term service. Available in all white, this model comes with a warranty period of 1 year.


  • Dual USB ports, 1 micro USB port and 1 Type C port
  • Maximum compatibility with all smartphones
  • Good power capacity
  • Fireproof and heat resistant


  • Slow charging speed
  • Known to discharge quickly
  • No torchlight

With a 20800 mAh Lithium-ion battery, the Lapguard LG803 is a strong contender for the best budget power bank in India. It can charge a phone with 3000 mAh battery for up to 4.8 times and a 4000 mAh battery for up to 3.6 times. 

Using a 9 layer chipset protection, this device comes with 3 USB ports of 2A rating and 1 micro USB. The micro USB cable is included in the package.  The double USB output has a 10 W fast charging option. It is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. It can charge 3 devices at a time.

LED indicator buttons are present on the top along with an emergency torchlight. Weighing almost 500 grams, this device takes up to 10 hours to achieve a full charge.  This is the highest power capacity found within the 1000 price range. 

With an ABS packed body and compact design, this is undoubtedly one of the best power banks in the market. Available in black and white colours, it comes with a 6 month warranty period.


  • 3 USB ports and 1 micro USB port
  • Fast charging option available
  • Highest battery capacity in the list of 20,800 mAh
  • 9-layer chipset protection incorporated
  • Can charge 3 devices at a time


  • Slow charging speed
  • No Type C charging point
  • Only 6 months warranty
best power bank under 1000 rs in india

With a sleek and unique look, this atongm Power bank comes with a 20,000 mAh capacity battery that can charge any mobile device using 30% less time than a regular mobile charger.

The device is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and comes with a dual USB port of 2A rating. There is also a micro USB port for mobile charging. The lithium-polymer battery can charge even two devices at the same time as required by a regular mobile charger.

One USB port is dedicated for fast charging use. An LED display screen shows the current charge available in the device. The ABS surface is sandblasted to make it scratch and wear-resistant. The efficient circuit presents minimal electricity loss with a  conversion rate greater than 90%.

The power button is conveniently placed on top. Double tapping on it activates the LED flashlight incorporated in the model. Available in all black, the device comes with a one year warranty period. 


  • Scratch and wear-resistant
  • Fast charging option available
  • Torchlight present
  • Dual USB charging available


  • Slow charging speed for the device
  • No Type C charging point
  • Only 3 charging points present


We have reached the end of our list for the top 10 best power banks in India under 1000. The list was presided over by the Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 2i which is both a budget-friendly and high-performance option. It is compatible with all device types, has the shortest charging time and can intelligently charge devices using the fast charge feature. However, it does not have an option for Type C charging. 

For this, one can opt for the Redmi 10000 mAh Power Bank or the KACOOL 10000mAh power bank, both of which are compatible with Apple, Android and Type C devices. Xiaomi has dominated the market with its range of pocket-friendly products. If you’re looking for a long-lasting device, then you can go for the atongm 20000mAh Power Bank or the Lapguard 20800 mAh device. These are the highest power ratings available amongst the best power banks under 1000 and are a great option for hikers and travellers. 

For name brands, you can choose the Philips 11000mAh Power Bank. This is good if you only use power banks occasionally since the device has a slow discharge rate and does not lose charge easily. Check out the various functions listed above and you can find the best option for your needs!

FAQ For Top 10 Best Printers Under 5000 Rs.

1. Which is the best power bank under 1000?

A good power bank should have a high battery rating, long discharge time and fast charging options. Xiaomi has dominated the market with various power banks in different colours, ratings and charging speeds. The Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 2i is a great option with its fast charging speed, 3 charging points and 12 layer chipset protection. It is shockproof and heat resistant and gives good value for money. The charging time required for MI devices is also within 5 hours, which is rarely seen in other models. If you’re looking for Type C option as well, then you can go for the Redmi 10000 mAh Power Bank, which also has 4 charging points and dual USB support. However, these products do not have a torchlight. While this is not an important feature, some users may still want to avail this point. For a higher rated product within the range, you can opt for the iBall 20000 mAh Powerbank which also has a fast-charging option, along with LED indicators and torchlight. 

2. What are the ideal specifications for a power bank within 1000?

Some of the basic features that any best power bank under 1000 should have is a minimum power rating of 10000 mAh, if not more. A full device charging time of 7 to 8 hours, along with a low power discharge rate. An unused power bank should retain at least 25% of its original charge after a month of no use. For outdoor campers, a sturdy body with an anti-slippage design is a must. The weight should be within 500 grams for easy portability. Within 1000, once can expect at least a 9 layer chipset protection, though some models have 10 or even 12 levels of protection. It should also have at least 2 USB ports and 1 micro USB port. Finally, check out the design and see if it matches your aesthetic!

3. How many devices can I charge simultaneously?

Usually, most power banks within this range support dual USB charging, that is, they can charge up to 2 devices at the same time with good speed. Even with power banks that have 4 charging points, using all at once reduces the overall efficiency, so the ideal number is to use two at a time. However, some like the Philips 11000mAh Power Bank can charge 3 devices at the same time. 

4. What is the lifespan of a power bank?

Power banks should be stored in a cool and dry place. They should be protected from water exposure and direct sunlight. Used properly, a power bank can last up to 3 years. Most models are designed to provide up to 500 complete charge cycles, hence how much you use your device is also a factor in its longevity. 

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