How To Fill Out A Check – Step By Step Guide For Beginners

If you never transacted through a check, then you may face difficulty in filling a check. There is a possibility of misuse of your check by filing It incorrectly and can also increase the chances of check bounce. So you need to fill out a check very carefully.

In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to fill out a check or how to write a check with cents. You should always keep in mind below given steps, at the time of filling out a checkbook.

How to fill out a check

Below are the six steps that you need to follow when you fill out a check

  1. Date
  2. Payee name
  3. Amount in numbers
  4. Amount in words
  5. Memo
  6. Signature

1. Date:

how to fill out a check

Every check contains the date section on the top right corner. Here you have to write the current date.

2. Payee Name:

how to fill out a check

Payee name is the name of the person/company to whom you want to pay money. The payee name will be written on the top side of the check. Most people do not understand what to write in place of the Payee name. If you are going to filling out a check, then you have to keep in mind that there should not be any overwriting on the check. Otherwise, your check will be invalidated by the bank.

Tip: The person to whom you are giving check money, ask them the correct name that is written in their bank account. Write the same name in front of the Payee name, and also, spelling should be accurate.

3. Amount in numbers:

how to fill out a check

After filling out the payee name, there will be a section of “amount in numbers” In this section, write the Amount in numbers. Here we do not have to leave any blank space forward or back. If, after writing the Amount, there is a space left behind, then you have to draw the line.

The other thing that you have to do after writing the Amount. Add the slash symbol, and after that, draw the line in the rest of the space.

Example1: 20,000 / –
Example2: 25,000 / –

Tip: While writing Amount, Never leave any space so that no one can misuse your check.

4. Amount in words:

how to fill out a check

After writing the Amount in numbers, there will be the section of “amount in words,” In this section, you have to write the Amount in words, This Amount should be the same as you write into the section of “amount in numbers.” After writing the Amount in words, do write “only,” so that the person you are giving the check, cannot withdraw more than the Amount mentioned on a check.

Example1: Twenty Thousand only
Example2: Twenty five Thousand only

5. Memo:

how to fill out a check

A memo is an optional column in the check. Either you can use it or can also leave empty as it is. It will not affect any bank process. This option can be used to write any short note like what the money was for, which particular account it’s for, and so on.

6. Signature:

how to fill out a check

After filling the date, money, Amount, and name, now you have to sign over the check. The signature or authorized section will be the bottom right corner. Here you have to sign the same which you have given in the bank account. If you do not write the same signature as you have given in the bank, then your check will be canceled. So always remember your sign that you provided in the bank.

Things to keep in mind when you fill out a check –

If you are issuing a check to someone, then you have to keep in mind some essential things. That is as follows –

  • When you fill out a check, do not leave the blank space after writing the person’s name or company name and Amount. If the place remains empty, then draw the line. It will help in not to misuse your check.
  • For security purposes, you can use a carbon copy under the check. By using this, you can quickly know in future that, to whom you gave the check and what you have written on the check.
  • Always fill a check carefully. Do not overwrite or cut any written word in check. This will cause your check to be rejected.
  • The check should only be issued by you when you have sufficient funds in your account. If you issue a check and your account does not have sufficient funds, then you may have to pay additional charges.
  • Never throw your check in the trash. If the check is spoiled in any way, then destroy it completely.

We have described all the things about how to fill out a check. If you are getting any issue at the time of writing, check then feel free to write your issue in the comment. We will try to answer your concerns. If you like our article, then please don’t forget to share this with your friends and family so that they can also know about how to fill out a check.

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