How to get rid of blisters- Cause, Symptoms, Treatment & Home remedy

Blisters are like a bubble, filled with liquid on the outer layer of the skin. These can be caused by friction, heat or skin diseases. Usually, these occur in your hands and feet.

 For example, if your feet do not fit properly in your shoes and any part of the feet gets rubbed while you walk, then it can cause feet blisters. In this article, we will tell you about the types, causes, symptoms and medical treatment of blisters. And you will also know how to get rid of blisters at home. Below given home remedies are natural remedies for the skin that do not have any side effects on the body.

Types of blisters –

There are three types of blisters: –

1. Friction blister – White fluid gets filled in the skin due to friction etc.

2. Blood blisters – Due to the loss of blood vessels, a bubble is produced inside the skin, it is red in color, sometimes it gives pain or goes away within a few weeks without treatment.

3. Heat blisters – Heat blisters caused by burning with fire, hot water, milk, etc. which results in the destruction of the first two layers of skin. They hurt a lot and also takes time to heal.

Cause of blisters

Hold on long: If you hold something for a long time, it can cause of hand blisters.

Skin piercing: Sometimes due to skin piercing it can cause blisters.

Skin Infection: Skin infections can also be a major cause of blisters.

Burns: If you get burnt by fire. Then you get heat blisters on the burnt part of the body

Medical Conditions: Blisters can also occur due to certain medical conditions. Like Chickenpox, cold sores, herpes, impetigo, scabies, etc.

Symptoms of Blisters

The following are the symptoms of blisters –

  • Blood blisters are red or black in color and are filled with blood instead of clear fluid.
  • The skin around the blisters may look normal or light red and dark.
  • If the blisters are infected, they may become red and may be filled with green or yellow pus.
  • Sometimes the blisters burst before you see so that you see the lower surface of the skin from which sometimes there is bleeding.

How to get rid of blisters at home

1. Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is very beneficial for blister treatment. The antibacterial elements present in it prevent blister infection. Apply apple vinegar to the blistering area with the help of cloth or cotton. You may have pain or itching while applying it. But by using it for a few days, you get relief from blisters.

2. Potato Paste

If blistering occurs due to rubbing or burning with fire then you can get instant relief from the blister with the help of potato.

For this, wash the raw potato and make a paste with peel and apply it on the blister. This will reduce the pain immediately and the patient will feel cold instead of blisters.

3. Vitamin E-

Vitamin E contains skin-repairing ingredients. Vitamin E instantly heals skin cells and prevents spots. You can apply vitamin E oil or cream on the skin of the blister, or it can be applied by bursting vitamin E capsules. By doing this you can get rid of blisters

4. Castor oil-

Castor oil is a widely used home remedy to get rid of blood blisters. Before going to bed, apply a little castor oil on the blisters with cotton. And let it dry overnight. It will give plenty of rest till morning. For more benefits, you can also add a little apple vinegar in castor oil.

5. Petroleum jelly

You might think that petroleum jelly only cures cracked lips? But let me tell you, it is also helpful in removing blisters. It helps reduce pain and relieve dryness. Soak the feet twice a day in hot water for 15 minutes and then dry it with a towel. Now apply petroleum jelly on them. While hot water will reduce pain and infection, the jelly will help in moisturizing it.

6. Aloe vera Gel

Aloe vera gel reduces inflammation as well as reduces pain. You can apply it on the blister with light hands. According to the study, aloe vera also works as an effective traditional medicine in burns. Aloe Vera gel is also of great benefit for blisters.

7. Green Tea

Green tea is also very beneficial in the treatment of blisters. Put the green tea bag in boiling water. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to it. After this, let the water cool down a bit. When it cools down, soak your blisters in this green tea water. If the blister is in a place that cannot sink, then dip a soft cloth and place it on the blister. By doing this, the skin of the blister will be soft. The blister heals quickly after bursting.

8. Cover for safekeeping

You can protect the blister by covering it with a bandage. Taking care of blisters depends on the way you bandage. Apply the bandage in such a way that the adhesive part is around the blister and the middle part is lifted above the blister. This protects your blister from friction, dirt, and infection. Also, the blister will get a place to dry. By doing this you can easily get rid of blisters.

9. Blister Block Stick

Avoiding blisters is actually better than curing them. If you have a certain place on your body where you know you are at risk of blistering, and you don’t want to move around with bandages on your feet then you can use the Band-Aid Active Friction Block Stick, which helps your skin and provides a layer of protection between the shoes. The Band-Aid Active Lubricating Friction Block Stick instantly reduces scratches on the skin. And protects you from blisters. By using this blister block stick you can easily get rid of blisters. You can buy it from amazon

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Things to be noted in the blister treatment

1. Do not remove loose skin

2. Always keep your bandage clean

3. Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or iodine. Wash the affected area with warm water and gentle soap.

4. If the blister is of blood then let it burst automatically

If you have the following problems, consult your doctor immediately –

  • Continuous severe pain in blisters.
  • Blister looks infected – if it causes pus or the area around the blister is red, swollen, hot or very painful
  • If the blisters occur in a sensitive place such as on eyelids, mouth or genitals.
  • Blisters due to burns, sunburn or allergies
  • You have health problems like diabetes

“In general, you should not unbrace the blister because it can cause infection. But if the blister is large and painful and looks like it is going to burst on its own, you can shed it.”

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Self-care for blisters

The following self-care tasks or lifestyle changes may help in the treatment or management of blisters:

  • Use sunscreen: Do apply sunscreen before going out in the sun
  • Wear gloves: Wear protective gloves when handling detergents, cleaning products, solvents, and other chemicals, this helps prevent blisters.
  • Always wear the proper size of shoes.
  • Cover the possible area with tape or bandage
  • Always keep feet dry.

How long does the blister take to recover?

Blisters usually heal in a week or two depending on its intensity.

Doctor for diagnosis of blisters

Patients should visit the following specialists if they have symptoms of blisters:

  • Dermatologist

Laboratory tests and procedures for diagnosis of blisters

The following laboratory tests and procedures are used to detect blisters:

Immunofluorescence test: To show tissue-bound autoantibodies in the skin

Surgical testing: A screening test for circulating antibodies

“If you have been struggling with blister for a long time, you should consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.”

In this article, we have covered blisters, its types, causes, symptoms and how to get rid of blisters at home. I hope you are very much familiar with blisters after reading this article. And also about the home remedies, you can use for the treatment of blister. if you have any queries regarding blisters you can leave your valuable comment.

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