How to learn typing – A Complete Guide Step by Step

Typing is important for every aspect of your life. I am sure you might be thinking how come it’s important to every aspect of my life. Typing is important professionally as well as personally. You might save an hour or multiple hours when you are good at typing speed. It’s a skill that you will cherish your lifetime. Let’s not waste time and see how to learn typing faster.

 Basics of typing on the keyboard

  • Your seating position should be straight and eyes towards your computer screen.
  • Your right-hand fingers and left-hand fingers should be on home keys.
  • ASDF and JKL; are known as home keys.
  • Your both hands thumb should be on the space bar
  • Most important when you start practicing typing, you should not look at your keyboard but to your computer screen
  • Every finger has assigned with unique keys on the keyboard
  • Practice as much as you can

How to start learning to type and how to type faster

This is a very important question from where we need to start to learn typing. Everyone type on the keyboard by using random fingers on random keys. Some might have a habit of using only a pointer finger for typing and they are pretty good at it. We will guide you in which a specific finger is assigned to specific words on the keyboard so learn typing without looking at the keyboard.

  • Right Pointer finger to 7, U, J, M, 6, Y, H and N
  • Right middle finger to 8, L, N and ,
  • Right ring finger to 9, O, L and .
  • Right pinky finger to 0, P, ; and /
  • Left Pointer finger to 4, R, F, V, 5, T, G and B
  • Left middle finger to 3, E, D and C
  • Left ring finger to 2, W, S, X
  • Left pinky finger to 1,Q, A and Z
  • Both hands thumbs on the space bar

Now you know the basic positioning of your fingers and letters assigned to your every finger. You need to place your hand on the keyboard on the home key and start typing single words by moving only one finger for several times. The only key to success in professional typing and acquiring speed is practice. Now we will guide you on how you should practice daily to acquire fast typing speed and get a hang of typing on a Keyboard using all your fingers and not only your pointer finger so you can easily understand to learn fast typing.

How you should do typing practice

Usually, it takes a week or two to learn typing skills but determination and dedication are a must. When you will start typing with the standard procedure as mentioned above, you will be frustrated as your fingers are not used to this sort of flexibility on the keyboard. You need to unlearn random finger usage on the keyboard and start typing in a professional way so you can be faster in typing.

Firstly, you need to place your hands four fingers on the assign home keys and move only a single finger looking at your computer. You need to practice this in your notepad. So the first day you will be only typing A with your left pinky finger for an hour. Then type a semicolon (;) with your right pinky finger for an hour. As you progress you need to do this same practice with all your fingers with their assigned keys respectively that will help to increase your typing speed.

It will be annoying for a few days but you will reap the fruits of this hard work for the rest of your life. In this process, your brain processes all the information and memorize it. Then even though you are not looking at your keyboard, you will be easily able to type comfortably and as you practice you will gain speed. This speed typing without looking on your keyboard is done through the help of your muscular memory.

I am sure with the details mentioned above, you will be able to crack the art of typing fast and efficient on your keyboard. Once you memorize all the keys which are assigned to your fingers and able to type efficiently. You can install a free software as Typing master. It’s amazing software made for people who want to type as fast as they can. This software has different tutorials to increase your speed and accuracy. You can learn typing by daily practice on this software. Also to increase your numerical typing speed they have a different section. It contains different games which will keep you intact and help you gain faster speed in typing on the keyboard. I hope we have covered pretty much everything which you were looking for with regards to how to learn to type and how to gain typing speed on the keyboard. Don’t think it’s too late to unlearn your old habit of typing, Just do it and start it from today itself. The sky’s the limit to achieve something which you desire to become and choose to attain.

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