How to negotiate for salary

Salary negotiation is a phase full of anxiety and stress. Every one of us somehow may have gone through this phase of life. Most of us think negotiating a salary is an art. Let me tell you one thing. It’s not an art at all, it’s simple planned communication skills. I know you might be thinking if it’s so simple, why we are unable to do it easily? We forget one thing, everything starts with a plan and practice as if you’re sitting in front of a recruiting manager.

Today we will be discussing how you will overcome the salary negotiating phase. Also, we will help you with some helpful tips to get well prepared before the discussion.

Helpful Salary negotiation tips

Market Research:

You might be aware of this fancy term. Many of us fail here, we do not know exactly, How to research? You should first define your job role and position you want to work. What’s the salary range they are providing to you in your current job role according to your experience. Then comes, the second most important question, you need to understand, What exactly people or other employees are getting salary in your region. You need to Google, check reviews, talk to the current employee of the companies, etc. Before you get into the salary negotiation part, you need to acquire as much as the knowledge you can gather.

Check your ability and value:

You might be the most eligible candidate for a specific job profile, no doubt. You need to understand, What impact will make?. Why a company should hire you over other candidates? You need to showcase all your qualities very naively in front of recruiters so that they want to hire you onboard desperately. Study their company and, How your skills will fulfill their achievement gap. Once, you can convince them, what ROI (return on investment) they will get by hiring you? Trust me, you do not need to even negotiate salary.

Have Clarity:

What are your salary expectations? We came across this question many times. Do we know, How to answer this question?. You need to have an exact figure in your mind. What exactly is the percentage or amount you need to achieve? Whether it’s 5K increase or a 30% increase in your current net salary. If you have clarity about what you want, then you will be able to deliver the answer with confidence.  There are two things you need to keep in mind, Ideal salary hike and actual salary hike on which you will get settled. There should be not much difference between these two figures. This one thing you might want to do least in this conversation is stating a range of hike you want. Just remember one thing, only a fixed figure.

Wait for the right time:

Patience is a virtue. You need to wait for the right timing to discuss the salary. When you are going through the interview process, let them pitch the salary discussion. You do need to show them money hunger, by approaching them with salary discussion. Once you are in the session of salary discussion, put all your pointers right in front of them. Let them know what all you have got and researched about this salary thing. Most of the idealists say that the best day for discussing salary is Thursday and Friday. You can go with this plan and achieve your goal of getting your dream salary.

Do not fear of Rejection:

If you are here discussing salary, it means they want to hire someone. It’s a win-win situation for both of you. You need to be confident enough to make them understand what will be the benefits of agreeing to this deal. They want to hire you and you want to get selected. There is a mutual benefit to both parties. So set your expectations accordingly, never speak about the personal problem related to salary in front of recruiting managers. Once, you are out of this fear that confidence will reflect on your face and you will be on a driving seat. One of the best skills that will come in handy for you is listening. You need to be careful enough to get the conversation clarity so you could reply it accordingly.

We have listed all the tips which will guide you to achieve your goal. I hope we have accomplished in our mission. Stay focus, have a cup of coffee or tea before going to a salary discussion, Be relaxed, Be confident. You can rehearse the conversation before going to the salary negotiation meeting as will give you a boost in your confidence. When you start the conversation, your conversational tone should be humble, positive and confident. Make sure you make eye contact with the recruiting manager while discussing the numbers or your expectations. Last but not least, food for thought, Just be yourself.

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