How to play Chess

Many people don’t know that chess was invented in India. In ancient times, it was known as chaturanga. Chess is a board game. You will see there are a total of 64 squares on the chessboard. The chessboard is covered with black and white squares alternatively. Two players can play this game. This game is brainy, and it requires lots of brain input. Now you might be thinking that we are here to learn the game, and I have already informed you that it’s a game of mind. Do not worry at all, as we proceed further; I will be sharing with you all the Chess game rules and a few tricks, which you can use while you are playing the game. You can move one chess piece at a time, then there will be an opposite player turn. Let’s not waste our time and dive in to know Chess game set-up and rules.

Chess Setup

  • Firstly, you need to set up a chessboard. You need to start with the first white corner of your right-hand side. Place a Rook piece on both the corner of the chessboard. Rook is a kind of castle pillar piece.
  • Next, you need to place Bishop on either side of Rooks. This Chess piece looks like a sharp rounded conical pillar, with a pyramid-like mark on it. Set this Chess piece next to both sides of Rooks.
  • Then you need to place Knight on either side of Bishop. To identify Knight is very simple. It looks like a horse head.
  • Then there will be two boxes left in the middle as you might have lined all the chess pieces accordingly as guided by us. 
  • Now you will be placing black Queen in the black box and, if it’s white Queen; it will be placed in the white box.
  • You got me exactly right. There is only one box left in that specific row; it will be occupied by King.
  • Once you set up this row, the front row will be occupied by the pawns. These are small pieces in the majority. You will easily recognize them.

Chess Rules

  • Firstly, we will start with the Rook. Rook is one of the most powerful Chess pieces. It can move in a straight line, backward in the same line, move to left boxes and in the same row towards right boxes. It will acquire any opposite chess piece which comes in the middle.
  • Bishop is the chess piece that moves diagonally straight forward or backward.
  • Then comes the Knight. This chess piece is interesting. It moves in the L-shape. It will move two boxes straight then you can take a left or a right one box. If anything comes in middle will get captured.
  • Queen is rated to be the most powerful chess piece on the chessboard. Queen can move diagonally forward and backward. This chess piece can also move forward straight and backward like Rook. This freely moving ability of the Queen makes this Chess piece more powerful.
  • Pawn is the most underrated Chess piece. A pawn can move one box at a time. But when Pawn needs to capture the opposite side chess piece, it captures diagonally by moving one box.

Important special rules for playing chess

Pawn promotion: In this rule, when a Pawn reaches the last row of the opposite side. It can turn itself into anything you choose to become like Rook, Knight, Queen or Bishop.

En passant: En passant is a heck of a special movement for a Pawn. It solely applies if your opponent moves a pawn 2 blocks, and its destination area is next to your pawn. you’ll be able to take the opposing piece by moving forward-diagonal to your pawn’s attacked and acquire it.

Stalemate: It’s a situation in the Chess game where the game is a draw. This could happen due to multiple reasons. Both the player might have very few Chess pieces left. There is no opportunity to get the result with the remaining pieces. If you have two chess pieces and they are blocked. For example, if your Pawn is blocked by the opposite player King piece and it cannot move. You have got King remaining with you, which will not move until the check command is given to him. The game could be stalemate if you move your chess pieces and they came back to the same positions three times.

The game is ended, When an opposite player gives the check command to your King and, he does not have any block left to move in for the next move. This will be the end of the game and won by the opposite player by declaring, ‘checkmate’. I hope you enjoy this article and you will enjoy playing chess with your friends. You can play this game virtually with the computer. Practice the moves and who knows you will be next Chess Grandmaster.

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