How to play Sudoku

Every one of us might have seen Sudoku square box in one of the newspapers. People have a wrong understanding that Soduko is the game of mathematics. It’s a myth. Soduko has nothing to do with mathematics. But, it’s related to one of the parameters of mathematics, which is logic. We will quickly dive into the details to know the rule of the game and how it’s solved. Sudoku is a puzzle game. Many of us have seen a Sudoku square box with random numbers in it. Sudoku is a puzzle game that consists of different symbols like triangles, squares, circles, animal icons, etc. Sudoku is more popular with the number Sudoku puzzle than symbols.

The terminology used in Sudoku

  • You will see a 9 x 9 square box in which you will see the lines of vertical boxes, Which is known as rows and, horizontal lines which are known as columns.
  • Every square box in the Sudoku square box is known as a cell.
  • So there are a total of 81 cells in one Sudoku box.
  • In one Sudoku box, you will see 9 different small square boxes, which are 3×3.
  • Different types of people have a different perception to look at things. In a few scenarios, you may see 3 rectangular boxes horizontally. These boxes are known as ranks. There are top rank, middle rank, and bottom rank. 
  • If you see a Sudoku square box, you may find 3 vertical rectangular boxes, which are known as stacks. There is a top stack, middle stack, and bottom stack.

Rule to Play Sudoku

  • There is a very simple rule to play Sudoku and solve the puzzle. I am sure now you might have got clarity about rows and columns. You need to make sure numbers from 1-9 are repeated only once in a single row or column. Also, there is another condition for it; you must not repeat the same number in the small square box which is 3×3.

Many of us get confused while playing Soduko. We need to keep it simple and think only of 1-9 numbers. We need to make sure every row, column and square box has only one number without repetition of numbers.

Now you know how to play Sudoku, you can easily any newspaper as most of them have one Sudoku box in the games section. If you are done with the newspaper Sudoku, No problem at all. You can simply browse the world of the internet and you will find many Sudoku websites, where you can play Soduko free of cost.

Benefits of playing Sudoku

  • Playing Sudoku will enhance your mood, keep you calm and refreshes your body energy. It will cheer up your mood and once you complete the puzzle, you will get a feel of achievement.
  • Sudoku is one of the most effective brain games to keep your memory sharp. I am sure you might have heard about brain exercise, Soduko is one of the best brain games for brain exercise. American society of Alzheimer’s has confirmed that regular playing Sudoku will reduce your chances of memory loss. It also reduces the risk of Dementia as we get older
  • Sudoku can be played anywhere and anytime. You can play this game on the go. Some people say it’s an addictive game but don’t you think it’s a good addiction than smoking.
  • Sudoku can be played by anyone – children, adults, and senior citizens. You can engage your child to play this game which will boost their logic abilities. There are specially designed Sudoku puzzle for kids which is only 1-4 numbers instead of 1-9. This game is availability digitally so you can install this game on their e-school learning gadgets.
  • Sudoku can help you to get rid of earworms. I am sure this alien word for you. This is the situation where a sound gets stuck in your mind and due to which you get distracted. By Sudoku you can get rid of this addicted sound in your mind.

We have pretty much covered everything in this article so that you do not need to find any other resource. We definitely know, you might be busy with your work, friends and daily routine. We think of getting fit physically, don’t you think we should also treat our brain in the same way. We should make a habit of playing brain games so that our brains could get exercise. When we are in School, our brain goes through different mental exercises. But as we get away from our school environment, we forget to do that mental exercise which will be beneficial for us in the long run. We want you to play and enjoy the Sudoku game which will eventually make sure your brain is healthy. It will also keep you safe with many brain problems like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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