Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Frauds

Today, credit cards have become an integral part of our lives. It is true using credit cards offer a number of benefits; but if not used wisely it can also bring in troubles for you. When used intelligently, credit cards can help in building good credit scores, which makes staying in hotels, renting vehicles, getting loans simpler for an individual. However, when not used in the right way, one might get involved in credit card frauds. The number of cases of credit card frauds is increasing with every passing day. These include credit card thefts, sophisticated scams etc. Mostly these frauds occur when the credit cards is stolen or gets lost.

The best way of preventing these fraudulent activities is staying cautious every time you are carrying the credit card with you or using them for making purchases. The points discussed below will help you in keeping the credit card secured.

  1. Never take more than 2 credit cards with you while going out.
  2. You must always have the toll free number to be used for informing about lost cards with you; keeping a photocopy of your credit card is the best way of storing all the required info including the toll free number.
  3. Never leave your wallet or purse unattended in the public places. Whenever you take out the credit card from your wallet or purse, make sure you put it back.
  4. The first thing you must do after receiving a credit card from the company is signing on the signature space provided its back.
  5. Don’t allow anyone else to use your credit card.
  6. If you don’t get the reissued or new credit card within the scheduled time period, report this to the company issuing the card. You must also make sure, that other than your immediate family members and you, only the authorized postal arriers are allowed to access the mail box.
  7. When you close your credit card account, cut the card into pieces; you can also use a shredder for the purpose.
  8. Never give your card number to any person over the telephone.
  9. Finally, to avoid frauds only make online purchases from secured websites.

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